Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wool Cape

Lily was being goofy
Lily wasn't being very cooperative as a model last night, so I couldn't get the best pictures of one of my latest creations.  Typical fickled model...she wasn't in the mood to pose and wanted to just goof off!

This cape started out to be for me; however, it ended up being too short.  So, it's perfect for a child.  Even Lily, at nearly 12, is a bit too big for it. 

I started with a wool jacket that was fulled in the washer.  (One of these days I need to remember to take Before pictures!)  I inserted triangles of wool cut from fulled/felted sweaters.  It was a bit scratchy around the neck, so I added a collar of lambswool that is super soft.  It is doubled over and attached irregularly to have a scarf-like appearrance to the collar.  There are small slits in the front for arms to come through, pockets from the original jacket remain and the collar closes with Velcro and/or toggle buttons.


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