Thursday, January 20, 2011

Heather's Handbag

My niece visited last weekend and asked me to make her a bag.  She liked my iPad bag, but needs something bigger as she has three little ones and is always hauling around extra diapers, snacks, baby wipes, etc.  Her favorite color is pink, so she selected a hot pink wool sweater (it was a Forenza from the 80's, anyone remember those?).  She also liked this gray cableknit.  It was pretty loose and stretchy, as it was a blend, so the bag doesn't have the same stiff structure that my bag has.  I even had to sew in some pieces of leather inside in order to add support.  She also wanted a zipper on top rather than a flap, so I purchased a heavy duty jacket style zipper.  That way it completely zips apart so she can even overstuff it with the kids' clothes, diapers, etc, since the fabric will stretch somewhat.  I had some gray angora scraps, so I felted those into the already existing sweater pocket for a monogram.  We'll see what she thinks!

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