Monday, November 15, 2010

IPad bag

I found this great wool sweater at a thrift store for $2.50. I loved the bright colors and stripes, so I knew it would make a fun purse. The first thing that I did was wash it in HOT water in the washing machine, along with several other bargain sweaters I had just found. Then it was into the dryer for more felting. This had the "Jenny Craig" effect on the sweater, as it dropped several sizes, which was exactly what I wanted. Now I had a thick, heavy wool that could withstand weight as a purse. I decided it would be a satchel-type with a flap. I used scraps from another felted wool sweater to make solid color sides. I cut the bottom black and red stripes off of the striped sweater, cut the piece in half, and sewed the two pieces together to make the strap. I stitched wih the smaller red stripes together to look like one larger red strip. After finishing this, I realized it is the perfect size for my iPad. Since it is felted wool, it is water repellant and nicely padded to protect my precious "best friend.". Upcycling old sweaters is truly an emergent process, as I never know where a sweater will take me!

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