Saturday, November 20, 2010

Treasures found today!

I had to run to the thrift store quickly today to pick up some baskets to be used as gift baskets (Never buy new baskets. You can find great ones for $1 or so at most thrift stores).
Of course, since I had to walk past the sweaters to get to the baskets, I had to browse. Considering I was just in there on Wednesday and bought a ton of sweaters, I was surprised to see so many "new" ones out. I found three cashmere ones for just $2.50 each! Yippee! Most had already been somewhat felted, as they were all a bit shrunken. That's the benefit of living near the university. Freshman who don't read labels will end up washing their 100% wool and cashmere sweaters. Add that with the Freshman 15 equals bargain cashmere!

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