Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Items; Second Blog!

I've created another blog that is for all of the different types of upcycled projects (or, as my husband calls them, bullsh-- projects) that I am always pursuing.  These items, for the most part, will be placed in my new shop in the antique mall called UpDo.  That's why the blog is

The latest post on UpDo are the Easter baskets I've made after reading the tutorial on Resweater's blog.  Mine follow the style she posted last year.  Warning!  Creating them can become addictive.  You can't make just one.

These, of course, were all made from felted (fulled) wool sweaters.

But, the other project that had me thinking "outside the sweater" was a vintage storage ottoman I picked up at Goodwill for $8.00.  It was the classic late 50's vinyl - but with a cigarette burn on top.  It was on four wooden legs and the lid lifts to reveal a pocketed lining.  Once again, I failed to take a before picture!

I decided that I would use sweaters to recover it.  The first thing I did, though, was unscrew those awful legs and spray paint them silver (have I mentioned how much I love spray paint???).  I covered the top with a poly cotton blend sweater with a rough texture that reminds me of popcorn.  The original lid to the ottoman was tufted with a button in the center.  I decided to make mine appear more modern by overstuffing the top.  I added some fiberfill from my stash and got out the staple gun.  I covered the bottom portion of it with a lightweight lambswool sweater in a complimentary stripe.  I took the waistband and cuffs from that sweater, stitched them into one giant band, and hand sewed it onto the ottoman's lid.

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